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#acchedin Modi govt bypasses parliament to raise railway fare by 14%.

About 9 months ago from Dr.Sujan Chakraborty's Twitter via Hootsuite

Current Activities

1st May

Today is May Day and we are into almost one month of intense campaigning under this scorching heat. Toured almost all the places of this vast constituency. There are few places to go and I am on my way to cover those as well. Thanks to all of you who had waited for me to meet and talk. I am honored in talking with you. This is one of the rarest experiences.

We are in a difficult time today. With democracy hit badly, administration being used in a cruel way to suppress voice and human rights more so in saving culprits and hooligans, this election has become very critical and important for all of us. So critical is this election after 2011, that the ruling party is using all means and ways to make results in their favor.

lets all of us unite and fight this out.
In Jadavpur LokSabha, I know we had done this earlier and can repeat this again.

We will have series of roadshows and mass meetings. We will meet. I will be online sometime very soon to talk with you again. Lets do this.

Will come back shortly…